Projection mapping Cosmic

mapping_christos_konosVideo Projection Mapping is an exciting new projection technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display. Specialized software is used to warp and mask the projected image to make it fit perfectly on irregularly shaped screens. When done right, the end result is a dynamic projection installation that transcends ordinary video projection.

Biscuit & Abdul, aka Space Blanket & director Christos Stavrou from Premiummedia joined forces to design and produce a 3D model upon which, visual projections were mapped and triggered in real time by the duos’ musical performance. This technique was utilized Space Blanket’s Cosmic EP release concert held at Bios Exploring Urban Culture in March 2012. It took 2 months to realize and involved several testing and simulating sessions. The end result was breathtaking and the show was the first of it’s kind to have taken place in Athens, Greece.