New website

Welcome to our redesigned website. Feel free to poke around, stream our music, and sign up for our newsletter. Our debut LP “ΚΑΛΕΜΙ” (Κalémi) is out and available to order in 12″ vinyl from Untitled-1. You can also buy it in digital form from our bandcamp page or any of the major retail shops we are affiliated  with (e.g. itunes, google play, amazon and many more). Our music is also available on Spotify should you want to stream it or follow us. Your support and appreciation means a lot to us while it can fuel our next project, so please do buy our music. For those who can’t afford buying our music, we’ve made it easy to listen to either here in our official website or via bandcamp and soundcloud.  While promoting our new album & setting up new gigs for 2016 we’ve been working on some new exciting applications to utilize on our upcoming shows, so we got some more exciting news coming down the pipeline soon. See you soon and do keep an eye on this URL. The blanket is up to something y’all.

Space Blanket