Kalemi LP

Cat. No.: UNT 2
Artist: Space Blanket
Title: Kalémi
Format: 12″, 33rpm
Label: Untitled-1


Space Blanket present their first LP titled “ΚΑΛΕΜΙ” (Kalémi) chisel in Greek. The album consists of 8 tracks written and produced in Athens, Greece during a period of two years, and is published by Untitled-1. With an affection for throbbing, single-note bass lines played on analog synthesizers and arpeggiated lead lines inspired by the 80’s era, Space Blanket tried to create a unified stylistic statement that holds comments on what has been at the forefront of their lives the past few years. From climbing big rockfaces to flying high with a paraglider, from the political instability in Greece to major contradictions and inequalities people have to still deal with, it’s all there in the form of multiplexed sound waves and mathematics. With the invaluable contribution of Johny Tercu (Kooba Tercu) on vocals, Space Blanket present you “KAΛΕΜΙ”.

Side A
1. Intro
2. Runner
3. Old People
4. New People

Side B
1. Doggy
2. The Promised Land
3. Terrestrial
4. Fountain

Composed & produced by Space Blanket.
Mixed at Unreal studios by Alex Ketenjian & Space Blanket.
Mastered at Sweetspot studios by Yiannis Christodoulatos
Artwork by Jola 818 & G.Vic from Bend Design.

©2015 Space Blanket.